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COVID-19 Update

Dear patients,
In these rapidly changing times, I am working on new and best possible ways to serve my patient families. In an effort to minimize unneccessary social contact, I am no longer seeing non-urgent or wellness appointments in the office with the exception of patients needing vaccinations or medically necessary procedures. I will be transitioning most of my visits to telemedicine and schedule exams only if they are medically necessary to make a diagnosis or treatment plan. If you don’t already have a patient portal through Elation Passport (my Electronic health record system), you can request one by calling the office and leaving a message for Dr. Bowker (option 2 on recorded greeting) with your email address and mobile phone number (text verification is required to access account). This will be the best way to communicate with me in a HIPAA compliant manner. I will also be using my patient portal to send important messages and updates to all of my patients. Thank you for your understanding!

In health,

Stacy Bowker, ND

Last Updated (Thursday, 19 March 2020 04:35)

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